Conferences – Wednesday 5 Apr.

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14:30 – 16:00


Co-chairmen: Ali Rabah (LB) – Abdo Daou (LB)

Screening children to detect abnormal ECG in Lebanese schools – Samer Nasr (LB)

Should all patients with WPW be ablated? – Hassan Mansour (LB)

Management of asymptomatic patients with inherited arrhythmic disorders – Philippe Maury (FR)

How to interpret short runs of AF on holter monitoring and implanted devices? – Antonio Raviele (IT)

14:30 – 16:00

WORKSHOP ON PULMONARY ARTERY HYPERTENSION (In collaboration with the Lebanese Society of Internal Medicine)

Co-chairpersons: Randa Choueiry (LB) – Righab Hamdan (LB)

PAH: think about it, you find it – Souheil Karaa (LB)

First case presentation – Fadi Haddad (LB)

Second case presentation – Imad Bou Akl (LB)

Echocardiography: essential tool for detection and diagnosis – Dania Mohty (FR)

16:00 -16:30 Coffee break 16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16::30 – 18:00

NEW TECHNOLOGIES: pro and cons

Co-Chairmen: Bernard Abi Saleh (LB) – Malek Khatib (LB)

S-ICD: where are we now – Bernard Harbieh (LB)

S-ICD combined to leadless pacing: two in one? – Michel Chauvin (FR)

Solving problems of (AF, storm…) in S-ICD patients – Luc Jordaens (BE)

Device driven autonomic modulation for the treatment of CHF – Freddy Abi Samra (US)

16::30 – 18:00

WORKSHOP ON MANAGEMENT OF AORTIC VALVE DISEASE – (In collaboration with the Lebanese Society of Cardiac surgery)

Co-chairmen: Ziad Ghazzal (LB) – Ahmad Dabbagh (LB)

Assessment of aortic stenosis: Diagnostic modalities and hemodynamics – Fadi sawaya (LB)

TAVI: Immediate & Mid-Term results from RCT – Georges Ghanem (LB)

Aortic stenosis: What is left for surgery? – Victor Gebara (LB)

TAVI versus surgery in patients with previous CABG – Georges Tedy (LB)

Innovation in technology and future perspectives – TBA

18:00 – 19:00 BAYER SYMPOSIUM

Chairman: Maurice Khoury (LB)

Challenging the myth of safe and effective VKAs vs. Rivaroxaban – Harald Darius (DE)


19:30 Opening ceremony

Digital Health: shaping the future of medicine – Roland Asmar (FR)